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Instructions and Help about How to answer ssa 3369 bk

Today is November 24th 2022 yesterday I took a little disabled and chronically ill citizen Luisa yasin who is dying of cancer because of the stealing and selling of her government benefits including her state medical insurance which is New York State Medicaid sold through illegal aliens across the country she's dying of cancer as a direct result of this and also the taking away of her prescription drug plan by the stealing of her state medical insurance by an illegal aliens mafia employee who works for the state of New York his name is Kevin Maguire he works as the Commissioner of the Department of Social Services in Westchester County was just in New York he traffics with citizens identities and government benefits and he's able to do this because he deals with many citizens Social Security numbers in personally personal identifiers identifiable information so he takes these citizens identities and information and sells them to the illegal aliens mister as I said before mr. president Barack Obama our USA Department of Justice and the FBI are aware of this they have the evidence of this and they know who is doing this and they have not been doing anything for years regarding this again I should mention that these illegal aliens mafia members working for the Department of Social Services in our country as well as the the Social Security Administration offices in our country do not ask anybody that that is going to buy a social security number or an identity are you a terrorist and if so we're not going to tell you the identity the social security number or the USA USA Passport they sell these identities the citizens identities in government benefits to terrorists as well as any illegal that comes into the country and our government unfortunately and sadly knows about this but nothing has been done regarding this no arrests has been have been made and nothing has been done regarding this also the New York state senators Andrea Stewart causing Kirsten Gillibrand and Chuck Schumer knows all they are aware of this and nothing has been done regarding this we contacted their offices they told us that they don't care if citizens are being killed after the illegal aliens mafia sells their identities because they have to go around about their business in not to call their office again also the FBI have been given the evidence and they know who is doing this but they refuse to do anything regarding that and lately we were surprised because after the president has been so indifferent with citizens who have been assassinated murdered by these illegal aliens mafia in the illegal aliens mafia members working at the Social Security Administration offices and the public assistance offices after he has been so indifferent all of a sudden he has a generosity attack and wants to call us to have 170 thousand Syrians coming to the country who are Muslims of course I.

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